About Me


I’m a young adult living a busy life in one of the busiest regions in the nation. A couple of interests that strike me is: Social Media, Technology, and News.

It’s difficult to describe myself to others, but I had to mention one thing that energizes me the most our of life is that I enjoy the company of close friends and family.
You won’t find me spending my time at the mall on the weekends nor will you see me complaining about not having material items. What excites me more is exploring the world around me. When I retire, I hope to travel the world and bask in all its culture, people, and traditions.
One of my philosophies in life is that it’s important to laugh and not take life too seriously. As it is easier said than done, I feel that being uptight or judgmental towards others serves no purpose other than defining order. It’s mentally draining for me to focus my thoughts on the negative.
I like technology and the culture of technology. Programming like jQuery, Javascript, and PHP languages excite me and I could stare at code all day long if given the chance. I also like building social profiles like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+ accounts. You will find me at my desk on a Monday morning reading the latest new stories on Hacker News or skimming the most recent posts of Tech Crunch.
I like to work with my hands. Family members ask me constantly to fix their common PC problems. “Is it plugged in?” – Darrel.
Bragging rights
survived college, cooks really delicious scrambled eggs, I own a hairless dog, followed by celebrities on twitter.


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