Photographer sets up craigslist sting to get stolen DSLR back

cameraman thief

Craiglist thief steals camera, owner fights back

It’s amazing what the internet can do in terms of being interconnected with real-world drama. In 2013, nearly everyone is dependent on the web to help us solve problems and gather necessary information.

One particular new story that caught my attention was a recent case when a Redditor posted a topic on the “Photography” subreddit about his camera that was stolen.

Right from the  beginning, he was in instant stealth mode in finding his camera. He searched craigslist, Facebook, and even emailed his suspect all while using an incognito. Very smart move.

A couple of comments, that I found on reddit that were interesting, hilarious, and useful for anyone who has any valuable item stolen from them:

“Do you have your receipt, warranty card, any documentation to prove it’s your camera? If so arrange to purchase the camera at a very public place. Bring all of those documents to the meeting place, but leave them in your car. When the thief hands you your camera hold on to it securely and tell them this is your camera and you’re going to call the police. I’d make sure to have a friend or two close by as well. — Don’t puss out, get your gear back!”

Coffee Shop

“In my experience police are too apathetic, and slow to actually act on this, so if you want that camera back, you’re going to have to act on it alone.

The police have bigger fish to fry.

Manufacturers of expensive portable items really should put some effort into making their products easier to trace (by the legitimate owners), making them less appealing to steal.

“Tell the guy you want to buy it, for full price. Ask to meet in a public place like a coffee shop or something, where the employees have a vested interest in keeping the violence down. Bring friends. Ask to check it out, check the serial number, if it’s yours, don’t hand it back. Step away from him before you announce your intentions, get your friends to get between him and you if you can. Worst case scenario, if he pulls a weapon, hand it back. If he has any brain about him, he won’t attack you if he’s getting what he wants, because assault makes it even worse. You’re most likely safe if it’s in public in the middle of the day. Remind him you have his personal information.
Finding your property right after it is stolen is key to putting all the pieces of the puzzle together.

If you wait too long, he’s going to sell it to some one else, and it will be gone forever, as well as any evidence of a crime. Once you get it back, point the person out to the police, and hopefully they’ll get around to talking to the guy.”

Full News Story Here: Craigslist Thief


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